Ofsted Inspection Report


We have received confirmation from Ofsted that their recent inspection of Cuckoo Hall, in June 2014,
has resulted in a "Good School" rating for our primary academy.


In addition to the overall, headline "Good" rating, we also achieved a clean sweep of Good ratings across all the five key measurement categories:

Overall Effectiveness: Good
Achievement of Pupils:   Good
Quality of Teaching:    Good
Behaviour and Safety of Pupils:   Good
Leadership and Management:  Good
The following are some statements from the Ofsted report:
Achievement of Pupils:
  • “Progress in Early Years Foundation Stage is excellent.”
  • “Pupils enjoy reading and develop their skills effectively throughout the academy”

The Quality of Teaching:

  • “Pupils talk enthusiastically about their learning, for example in science, art and history.”

Behaviour and Safety:

  • “Pupils are polite and courteous.”
  • "Attitudes to learning are positive because lessons are interesting and enjoyable in a wide range of subjects”
  • “Parents and carers appreciate the strengths of the academy, particularly how happy their children are and how well they are looked after”

Leadership and Management:

  • “Senior Leaders are ambitious……..They have high expectations of what pupils can achieve.”
  • “They have introduced rigorous systems for checking pupils’ progress”

Governance of the school:

  • “Governors share the senior leaders’ determination to see the school succeed”


Here is Ofsted's definition of its “Good” rating:

“A good school is effective in delivering outcomes that provide well for all its pupils’ needs. Pupils are well equipped for the next stage of their education, training or employment.”


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