Families And Schools Together (FAST)

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Helping children succeed

Participating in a FAST programme: 

  • strengthens families by improving the bond between parents and children, and supporting communication and parental confidence.
  • strengthens communities through increased trust and participation, and reduced social isolation. 
  • helps children succeed in school and improve their life chances, by developing reading, writing and maths skills, improving behaviour and nurturing better home–school relationships.

Academic improvement

Both parents and teachers have confirmed the impact FAST has on children’s academic performance and engagement with learning.

Teachers have told us:

  • “He is more motivated and wants to succeed. His concentration is far better too.”
  • “She is more engaged in learning and is communicating and participating more in school life.”
  • “Since the FAST programme there has been a 100% turn around and she is ALWAYS happy. She comes in excited, her grades have soared.”

Parents have told us:

  • “He is more willing to show me his school work. Before, he used to throw away any pictures he drew in school.”
  • “Before she attended FAST, she could not count numbers or her ABC. Now she can count to twenty and she tries very hard to learn new words.”
  • “She asks more questions now and tries to learn new things.”

A supportive community

Schools taking part in FAST have reported: 

  • parental involvement with school increased by 27% 
  • support between parents increased by 35% 
  • child's difficulties at school decreased by 17% 

Parent-child relationships also improved by 11% and overall family relationships improved by 16%, after the programme. Parents also reported a more positive relationship with their child’s school (see our 'Parents' page for more information). 


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