Families Connect

Only a small fraction of children’s learning takes place at school, so the better the home learning environment, the better the child’s learning can be.

Families Connect focuses on supporting parents and children to learn together.

It helps parents to support their children’s learning in three key areas:

  • Literacy and language development
  • Numeracy
  • Emotional development

The eight-week programme provides a series of activities, techniques and games that parents and carers can do with their children at home.

Each activity encourages parents and children to spend quality time together by talking about specific topics and reflecting on what they already do to support their children’s learning.

Parents also discuss the science behind the programme’s activities. These informal workshops invite parents to explore new games and approaches that might help them to support their child’s learning at home.

The impact

In the summer of 2016 an evaluation of the impact of Families Connect on 82 families taking part in the programme took place in schools across the UK. The findings show a significant increase in the level of parent/school engagement, reported by both parents and teachers. It also provided details on the ways in which teachers and parents had felt the programme had benefitted children’s learning.

  • 45% of children improved in reading ability
  • 20% of children moved from below age-related expectation to exceed levels expected for their age
  • 95% said their child really enjoyed the programme
  • 90% recognised the influence of Families connect on what they and their child do together at home

For further information contact the team Beleyu bmuluneh@CHAT-EDU.org.uk and Juliet jdemetriou@CHAT-EDU.org.uk