Knowledge For All


At Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust we aim to provide a curriculum which is comprehensive, well balanced and above all will provide a thirst for knowledge and stimulate children’s learning.  In addition to our English and Mathematics curriculum, ‘Knowledge for All’ is based on Humanities and Arts.  It was initially launched at Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust in 2013 as ‘Core Knowledge’. The project was organised through Civitas, the Core Knowledge partnership in the UK. While the Core Knowledge curriculum has guidance for all subjects in the primary curriculum the initial launch of Core Knowledge at CHAT concerned itself with the subject areas of History, Geography, Art and Music (Science was launched in the second year of the project).

Our fundamental belief, which has been driven by the vision of our Executive Headteacher, Patricia Sowter, is that by embedding the ‘Knowledge for All’ curriculum it will provide memorable experiences and rich opportunities for high-quality learning and wider personal development and wellbeing. Its main purpose was to mirror the United States’ model (as promoted by E.D. Hirsch, Professor of English Literature at the University of Virginia) whose objective was to provide a body of "core knowledge" which would allow pupils to function as fully rounded citizens. It was felt that focussing on topics for lengthy periods did not furnish pupils with a desirable breadth of knowledge and did not equal the delivery of an independent education which CHAT aims to emulate. CHAT shares the Core Knowledge philosophy that all children should access background cultural knowledge to achieve as they progress through the education system.

Knowledge for All provides pupils with a broad base of essential knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to become well-informed and productive citizens.

We have fully evaluated the programme so that it introduces pupils to the best of what has been thought and said in human history and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. This curriculum provides teachers with an outline of knowledge around which they can develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills


Click on the link below to view the Knowledge for All "Curriculum Map" which covers Years 1-6: