Our Mathematics Curriculum


Outstanding achievement in Mathematics, including a secure grounding of basic concepts and mental maths skills, is pertinent to CHAT’s ethos.

Executive Headteacher, Patricia Sowter CBE, has led her team to develop a high quality, bespoke Maths curriculum which provides all children with the opportunity to succeed Mathematically in adult life.

Curriculum Content

Subject Leaders have devised a robust medium term plan for each year group using a variety of resources from the best mathematics schemes available, including 'Maths Makes Sense', 'Singapore Maths', 'Rising Stars' and Bond’s 'No Nonsense Maths'.

From this, teachers are able to plan succinct lessons, personalising learning in each of the areas of Maths which includes: Number, Measure, Geometry and Statistics. In every lesson children are encouraged to relate their learning to real life problem-solving. The curriculum enables daily practice of mental Maths skills.

Whilst Subject Leaders monitor and ensure consistency in approach across all Key Stages, this scheme provides opportunities for flexibility and creativity to promote a love of learning for Mathematics.

Primary academy Subject Leaders work closely with their secondary Maths colleagues to ensure that all children have the required skills and beyond to move to secondary education confidently.


Please click here to view CHAT’s long term Mathematics Curriculum Overview.