Sports Events

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We have recently participated in the local swimming gala. We competed against Latymer All Saints Primary School. Our children competed in a fantastic spirit and Cuckoo Hall is incredibly proud of the sportsmanship our children showed. All of the children competed to the best of their ability and we are delighted to announce that we won the event! The first time in ten years we have achieved this.

Here are some photographs of the event:




Eight of our children were given the unique opportunity to take part in an exciting Paralympic sport named Boccia. This sport is traditionally for partially-sighted children, but to make it even, all of the children participating had to wear blindfolds!

The children were taught the rules and were given time to orientate themselves whilst wearing the blindfold. The court is made from pieces of string and the children had to use their hands to locate where they were on the court.

We competed against 3 other schools and competed in a fantastic spirit.

See how much fun we had!